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Castlecomer Discovery Park

Training Plans for the Coalface Adventure Race

The Coalface Team have put together a training programme for each race. You have the whole summer ahead of you to get out and enjoy the exercise and your local countryside. No matter where you live, urban or rural get out there and enjoy. We suggest you pick a few different routes to keep it interesting. Don’t be afraid of using hills, it will give you loads of leg power. Try different types of terrain including trail, forest track, beach or tarmac which will keep you concentrating and will work different leg/foot muscles.

If you are going to be using a small back pack during the Coalface then practise with one every couple of runs or cycles.

So pick your own Race, the distance you feel you can achieve with your current fitness and lifestyle. Have a look at the training guide for that Race. It’s a guide so feel free to change around the session days to suit your timetable, but try to get in most sessions. If you miss one or even two in any week don’t beat yourself up about it. Don’t try doubling up to catch up. Just move on to the next day. The rest days and active Recovery days will be key. If you don’t recover from previous training efforts you risk dropping fitness and prone to injury!

Listen to the body and enjoy the training journey because the Race itself will be over in the blink of an eye!

Download 78km Elite Race Training Plan

Download 56km Sport Race Training Plan

Download 30km Challenge Race Training Plan